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OneAsiaHost: 512MB OVZ in Singapore – Review

Maybe I should replace SSHD with Dropbear, hmm


Hey there folks,


As usual, been a while since the last post. My theoritical exams finished today, actually. I have some unexpected free time tonight and stumbled over an opportunity to test a VPS in neighboring SG for free.

Well, I’ve never been one to turn down free (and appealing too!) offers like these, so here goes nothing.


Initial Impressions:


Truthfully, I’ve never heard of OneAsiaHost prior to today. However, since there is a dire shortage of Asia based OpenVZ (Or rather, VPS) providers, they’ve targeted a very nice (and niche) market.

Due to being from Asia too, I took one of these up as an attempt to test the network to my various other boxes around the world and host some private gameservers to see how they fare.

If I can make do with 60GB bandwidth, I’m likely to keep one of these, actually. It’s not everyday you see something in any Asian country with bandwidth pricing this cheap.

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Pretty permalinks and playing with xenForo

Finally got around to enabling pretty permalinks in WordPress. I had it disabled because the default .htaccess file obviously, doesn’t work with anything but Apache. While I’ve known how to make it work for nginx for a decent while, I suppose I was simply too lazy.

For anyone else wanting to do the same but being too lazy, I’ll make your life easier a bit. Add the line below to your vhost config file (Or the nginx.conf under a location /dir_here { } block if you run it under a direct location)

try_files $uri $uri/ /index.php?q=$uri&$args;

That’s all it takes, but if you’re in :lazy: mode, I suppose that is still a lot of work 😛

Moving on, a very good friend (who also happens to be a coworker) gave me a xenForo license to try out. While I do not have any intentions of starting out a community anytime soon, I’m more than glad to actually try it out. I’ve been curious for a while about it but never really got to trying it out. vBulletin and IPB were about all the commercial forum scripts I tried on for myself before.

The screenshot at the beginning of the article shows my local xenForo install dubbed ‘Testforo’.


Initial impressions are quite a bit better than IPB and vBulletin altogether. Though, the sad thing is, xenForo doesn’t seem to support anything but MySQL out of the box either. vBulletin is at-least developing support for Postgre (Or so I’ve heard), but I don’t see any such operations ongoing here.


The forum interface (As well as the admin panel) are inituative and seem very fluid. Though, this is an empty install, I can’t really predict how it handles itself under load.


I’ll keep poking around and post if I see anything that’s worth posting about :3

Happy Lunar New year! (4710 – 农历新年)



Hey there folks,

Long time no blogging again, but that seems to be a trait of mine I can’t really do much about. Happy Lunar New Year 4710 to you guys, by the way.


Today (January 23rd) marks the beginning of the year of the Dragon. 4709 was the year of the placid rabbit, but here comes the year of the bold, ferocious and brash ancient lord.

According to the Chinese calendar, 2012 is the year of 龍, or so to say, The Dragon.

I’m a bit baffled by how fast time flies, heh. I still remember doing last year’s lunar new year post not too long ago, according to my mind anyway.


Anyway, happy new years and happy holidays folks! \o/

secret base~君がくれたもの~の歌詞


Hello there guys,

Long time since the last post eh? I’ve been busy with work and uni mostly, but I still manage to squeeze in my guilty pleasure, J-music into my schedule.

This particular single, I liked so much that I went ahead and ordered the disc. Along with that, I decided to translate and romanize the lyrics too. I particularly hate romanizing things myself, but this single is so awesome that it made it all worth it <3 Continue reading “secret base~君がくれたもの~の歌詞”

Happy Lunar New Year!


Hey there guys,

Happy Lunar New Year to everyone. Today is the day we say goodbye to the year of the Tiger and welcome the year of the rabbit. As far as Chinese astrology goes, a placid year such as this one is very much appreciated after the ferocious reign of the tiger. 2011 is Year 4708 by Chinese Calendar and as such, is the year of ‘Xin Mao’

Spent the day attending traditional shenanigans, what about you guys? :3

In other news, I’m going after a Core i7 2600k based system in a few months, hopefully. Σ(´∀`;)

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

Hello there guys,

How’s it going? Probably awesome as it’s Christmas and the time to enjoy with your family and loved ones. So, a merry Christmas to all of you fine folks and an early, Happy new year 2011.

Oh, and for fans of the Da Capo series(Like me), keep an eye out for DC II ~Dream Xmas~. It comes out tomorrow.

Best wishes and hope to see you in the new year >:]