Da Capo


Circus never lets me down    (☝゚∀゚)☝

Well it’s been some time since I grabbed the translated version of their Da Capo visual novel. This will be a quick recap of my experience with it =3

Well, the version I got was from Mangagamer(Official English translation).

The game was released in Japan on 2002. Well, pretty much everyone knows by now that the anime was made after the game(that’s the case with most eroges). It took 7 years to get a translated version of DC I , lets see how long it takes for a translated DC:II. (Apparently, An year and 12 days (Yes, I kept count))

Well as expected from an eroge, this is 18+ and not suitable for minors(Not that anyone ever listens).

In Da Capo, you’re Jun’ichi Asakura, the brother of Nemu and the cousin of Sakura. You’re a student studying in Kazami academy along with Kotori, Nemu, Miharu,The Mizukoshi Sisters, Sakura and lastly Suginami. The island(Hatsunejima) is known for it’s never withering sakura blossoms which control the daily lives of all the people living in said island. As your graduation draws near, you find yourself falling in love. But with whom?  That’s up to you for deciding.


Nemu Asakura:

The player’s younger sister who has quite the hardcore crush on him, is part of the disciplinary committee of the school and can’t stand her brother’s tardiness.

Sakura Yoshino:

Juni’chi’s younger cousin who’ s also madly in love with him. She had to move to the states while she was little but her feelings haven’t changed a bit in those years. She’s also extremely jealous of Nemu for getting to spend the years with her brother while she was absent.

Shirakawa Kotori:

The most Popular girl of the school. Loves singing and hates the crowd of boys lining up to become her suitors. Due to the power of the island’s sakura trees, she has the power to read people’s minds. My photo’s dir(/Photos) is pretty much filled with pics of hers. She’s the one you should be going for imo =3

The mizukoshi Sisters:

This duo consists of Mizukoshi Mako and Mizukoshi moe. The former being the player’s classmate and the later being a upperclassman. These are pretty nice routes as well -3-

And finally we’re left with Miharu: not gonna waste bandwidth with her. She acts like a loyal doggy to Nemu and is a banana freak(no you pervs,not that way d;)

With that the character reviews are done.


Well there isn’t much of a storyline. Your goal is seducing one of the 6 girls. If you succeed, you’ll get a hentai scene. That means three*six = Eighteen scenes if you manage to complete it fully. I’ve only completed three routes(them being Kotori<3, Sakura and Nemu). There would be complications of being a couple but it’s up to you how the game will progress. Da capo requires little to no interactions from you. Most of your time will be passed reading texts that are passed on to you. There’s a bonus route as well if you manage to complete them all ;)


Absolutely brilliant music works by one of my most favourite artists(yozuca* , if you haven’t heard of her,you should kill yourself right NOW). The typical music is subtle and soothing. The only music i disliked was in Sakura’s route. Too cranky for my ears x_x


Beautiful artwork by Circus. Though edgy because of it being intended for lower than my 1920X1200 resolution. But nonetheless i enjoyed it. Every scene is picture perfectly drawn and quite capable of relaying the atmostphere transcending in the game.

Last words:

That’s pretty much it for the review. I know as a avid follower of the DC series, this review might have been biased, but feel free to point out how you felt with this vn. I’m playing Clannad right now, so expect a review of that pretty soon as well. I enjoyed this one and I hope you do the same.