Pretty permalinks and playing with xenForo

Finally got around to enabling pretty permalinks in WordPress. I had it disabled because the default .htaccess file obviously, doesn’t work with anything but Apache. While I’ve known how to make it work for nginx for a decent while, I suppose I was simply too lazy.

For anyone else wanting to do the same but being too lazy, I’ll make your life easier a bit. Add the line below to your vhost config file (Or the nginx.conf under a location /dir_here { } block if you run it under a direct location)

try_files $uri $uri/ /index.php?q=$uri&$args;

That’s all it takes, but if you’re in :lazy: mode, I suppose that is still a lot of work 😛

Moving on, a very good friend (who also happens to be a coworker) gave me a xenForo license to try out. While I do not have any intentions of starting out a community anytime soon, I’m more than glad to actually try it out. I’ve been curious for a while about it but never really got to trying it out. vBulletin and IPB were about all the commercial forum scripts I tried on for myself before.

The screenshot at the beginning of the article shows my local xenForo install dubbed ‘Testforo’.


Initial impressions are quite a bit better than IPB and vBulletin altogether. Though, the sad thing is, xenForo doesn’t seem to support anything but MySQL out of the box either. vBulletin is at-least developing support for Postgre (Or so I’ve heard), but I don’t see any such operations ongoing here.


The forum interface (As well as the admin panel) are inituative and seem very fluid. Though, this is an empty install, I can’t really predict how it handles itself under load.


I’ll keep poking around and post if I see anything that’s worth posting about :3

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